Wednesday, July 27

"Last published on May 27, 2015" is what this dashboard says. A year and two months ago!

This is a really odd time for me to be checking into my teenage Internet World. But it's a freezing office day on a scorching afternoon, my nose is blotchy and blocked for the sixth day, I have a meeting in 20 minutes but also two media releases and two massive communications plans to start and finish within the next 24 hours. Also an event first thing tomorrow morning. And other pretending-its-not-important-but-they-really-are deadlines. My mind is on exclusively on though.

So now felt as good a time as any.

Wednesday, May 27


I had a birthday last week, and turned 25 years old. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Spring, 2015

I think it was when I turned 20 that I started this personal affirmation (a mantra, if you will, sometimes) — I have it all. In times of perceived downs, this has really helped to keep things in perspective and keep me going. 

I live in a beautiful home with a loyal, lovely, and supportive family. I am in loving and stable relationship with the most kind man. I enjoy a dynamic career with an award-winning dream team that I adore. I am blessed to have the most wonderful and diverse friends who bring me joy and wisdom. I am able to financially support myself, and in my little ways help my parents too. I have the opportunity to see the world then return to a vibrant and safe city that I am proud to call home. I am healthy; and as best as possible, so are my loved ones. Also, I got my a manicure today. 

The celebrations have been sweet so far, and it's not over yet! Hehe. May always proves to be a month to remember, and an opportune time to take a deep breath and count my blessings. 

So at a quarter of a century (ugh #old), I'd like to think I have a lot of things going on for me and if I keep at it, it can only get better. Here's to me and everyone along on these crazy times with me then, now, and next.

Blog more next time xx 

Sunday, May 17

6 years of Shen & Em

Shen & Em / Aberdeenshire, Scotland / Spring, 2015

One weekend earlier this year, we were driving on the CTE on the way to town for something or the other (rare, we hardly leave this side of the island) when Shen suddenly said, "You know, I cannot imagine my life without you." I asked, "Why leh?" and he said, "I don't know, we have been together for so long, and there isn't a day that I don't think about you. You just make me happy." 

Of course, I tried to play cool and went SURE NOTTTTTTT (but not before giving him a tiny smile and hand squeeze). You must know that, in our days of courting, Shen was quite the poet — very loud in his choice words. Now he's mellowed to be quite simple and a lot more shy actually. Moments like this still make my heart sing. 

Truth is, I cannot imagine my life without him either. 

(I'm late but) Happy 6th anniversary to my Tan Wei Shen. I like you very much, thank you for liking me too. :) 


It's been a week since we've returned from a 2.5 week trip to Europe (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin, London), centred around the most amazing wedding weekend in a castle in rural Scotland to celebrate the unity of our dear Rosemary & Kevin. It was such an unbelievably magical time, and something that we'll remember forever for sure! 

I really enjoyed taking time off work to travel and live it up with my best galpals (especially reuniting with our UK division!), and am also glad that it was yet another Shen & Em adventure. Blessed I am to see the world with my best man. 

Friday, January 16

DUDE how bad am I at keeping a blog? Also, it's 2015.

I'm feeling huffed that this is the third work midnight of the year, plus I've had to pull a weekend as well, and we're only 15 days into this year (more aptly known in Singa as the Golden Jubilee) so I have come to my blog because that used to solve all problems as a teenager. 

Things do this year:

  1. Be less fat by 10x 
  2. Save more money by 10x
  3. Live in castle (actually happening #homecoming) and see more of the world (or just my fave parts again)
  4. Have a plan. A real one. Any sort of plan. A PLAN. 
  5. Get a nicer face ugh 
  6. Buy a new Macbook Pro charger
2014 was such an insane year that it's hard for me to even remember what I did — but it was such a monumental year, I feel, that I want to take time to recap significant items. 

But just not now because I'm knackered. 

Monday, July 21

Caught this documentary the other day and man, does this itch need to be scratched. I miss this sport like nothing else.

Tuesday, July 15

5 months to 2015. Wtf.

It's Monday night of what I know is going to be a terror week, and I'm still trying to sort out my sleep cycle. What's better than checking in?

# World Cup came to an end early this morning, and Wimbledon closed last week. This past month (especially the fortnight at All England Club holy heart attacks) really killed me but it made me feel super energized as well! My social media feeds pretty much existed only to talk about these two tournaments — and the Test Series too. Sigh, I remember when my life revolved around sports (hello teenage Mariam) (especially the Premier League), and I wish I had the time and energy for it now. There's nothing quite like some football, tennis or rugby to get you so pumped up, and what else brings people together like this? I will miss how the world only had one timezone :( Now to just get my sleep schedule back on track...

# The awful combination of these sporting events, work/adult responsibilities and Shen being out-of-action with a bad ankle sprain had us feeling super bummed at the lack of quality time in over half a month. Like REALLY bummed. It had to be fixed as soon as possible so we went on a nice paktor on Saturday, then spent Sunday evening at home together. It's the little big things.

# Celebrated the anniversaries of being of some important people around me recently, which I always love! Any reason for people to get together with happy feelings and balloons and cake is always good in my books.

My father turned 60 years old gold. There are no words to capture how much of a hero this man is to us. What a lad, and what a dad.

Tate Anzur marked three years and boy, this (not-so-)little shop is truly young and bold! I am so proud and blessed to be working with the dream team. 
Our dear Sheena turned 26! We fancied it up with some French and Rosie even cake an amazing tiered rainbow cake. Pfft that's just how much we like you, Shenima!! Haha and aw, we should Photoshop Kirsty and Kath in this photo.

# For all the brosephs I have in my life (whom I am truly grateful for), I'm always glad for the ladies in my life I can count on for hearty conversations and a whole lot of fun, but also honesty and guidance.

I think a lot of girls underestimate the importance of a good female support system, however they may come. In that sense, I'm blessed to have female characters in my life whom I can not only grow with but also learn from.   

# I've been carving more personal time to spend with books, and I think I'm happier for it. I've just finished Amanda Lee Koe's fantastic Ministry of Moral Panic, as well as Goodbye Tsugumi which was my very first Yoshimoto title. Why I have waited this long? Anyway, I picked up How They Met and Other Stories on the weekend and I'm bummed to be on my second last short story already. I don't want it to end! Sigh reading is such a pleasure and wonder, which is why NLB's current shenanigans have put me off so much. Ugh, I won't even start.

# Speaking of hobbies, I'm so proud of Shen for also getting back into the swing of music. There's such a different spark when he talks about the band, it's like he's in own little world :) I've of course enjoyed seeing him back on stage twice the past month, and looking forward to the next gig already. See you guys at Hard Rock! Errrr sometimes in August haha.

# We're already halfway through with fasting month, and I think it's been pretty good for me so far. Despite all the work, I've miraculously managed to break fast at home super often the last two weeks which is really great. Though by God do I miss the coffee..

Friday, June 20

Mid-year check in

What's been up:

# I had a birthday, and now I'm 24. And old. I was blessed to be surrounded by so much love in the form of presence and presents. I have it all :) #mariammantra 

# The World Cup started just last week and our lives have been ruined since. (Read: Late for work and tired, ugh) All the games have been prettyyyyy exciting so far, which has led to world champions Spain being kicked out already. Great going, guys — you were my best bet amongst my sweepstake picks. I'm really bummed that Australia didn't make it cos they played so, so well. As always, I'm Team Three Lions even when they continue to disappoint at every world stage. Prove me wrong, boys!! 

# Somehow, half an entire year has flew past me. Yikes. I've had a relatively easygoing period at work the last two weeks, but the train is coming full speed ahead again... now. I can only be glad that it's work that excites me.  #countingmyblessings Oh, oh, we also won more awards recently!! Say hello to your Local Hero PR Agency and third overall PR Agency Of The Year :D I'm so proud of the dream team. 

# Daniel Henny continues to make me weak in the knees. Oh my lord. Mmmm, Asian boys men. 

# I went on a bit of a nostalgia trip the last two days, reading old blog posts with laughs and sighs (and also listening to heaps of A Fire Inside haha and The Academy Is too). Teenage Mariam seems so near yet so far. Is it possible that times were a lot simpler, yet more complicated then? Teenage Mariam years was truly a giant oxymoron. I'm glad I'm past that bit of it. 

# I stumbled onto Sam Smith a few weeks ago, and his album 'In The Lonely Hour' has been getting heaps of play at work — tracks like Nirvana are my jammy jam. I can't relate to the songs now, but I think it would have been a very definitive album in my Livejournal Life.  

# I'm itttttttching for a getaway, though I know I can't quite afford it since we're saving up for the UK next year. Ugh I really wish I could walk into a pile of wealth. How do I make that happen? 

# After well over a year, I finally had my hair cut (and a good lecture by my dear hairdresser Terrence). It was a pretty on-the-whim decision — I woke up one Saturday before my birthday and decided it was time — and I'm not regretting it as much as I was the few moments (read: days) following the chop. I took a good 15cm, or more, off my hair, tho it was such a great length that my hair is still pretty long now. Now, do I go back to bangs? 

# I'm tired.